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How Can Hospice Care Serve Your Family’s Needs? October 19, 2018

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How Can Hospice Care Serve Your Family’s Needs? , Frankfort, Ohio

Those with terminally ill loved ones may benefit from enlisting a hospice care service, which provides the individualized support patients need in the comfort of their own home. Hospice care doesn’t just benefit the patient; it also eases the burden on the whole family during this challenging time. If you think someone you love could benefit from this service, take time to learn more about what to expect.

Patient Support

By providing individualized support and constantly monitoring symptoms, hospice professionals strive to create a painless, comfortable environment for every patient. These professionals make individualized treatment plans that adhere to the patient’s wishes as well as the physician’s recommendations.

Hospice care patients may receive interactive therapy sessions, such as visits with pets or art project days, which can help spread joy and boost their overall well-being. They may also undergo psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual counseling that can help them grapple with this tumultuous stage of life. Hospice professionals also spend a lot of time fulfilling the day-to-day needs of the patient, including assistance with eating, bathing, and nutrition.

Support for Caregivers, Friends & Family

hospiceHospice professionals also help make this process easier on caregivers, family members, and friends of the patient. For instance, hospice organizations can help cover some of the caregiver’s responsibilities when necessary, such as medication administration or meal preparation. They can also provide respite care that gives caregivers the vital rest and relaxation they need to maintain a healthy emotional state.

Hospice also offers a range of counseling services for those close to the patient. For instance, they provide end-of-life care education, so loved ones know exactly what to expect as the condition progresses. They will also offer support in any way they can. Coping with the trauma of a terminally ill loved one is immensely challenging, but hospice care can make it easier. 


Ross County, OH’s trusted assisted living facility provides the hospice services residents deserve. For nearly 40 years, the professionals from The Vineyards at Concord have been prioritizing the independence and dignity of each and every resident. Above all, they strive to provide the individualized support seniors need to live their lives fully and well. To learn more about assisted living services, visit the local team online or call today at (740) 998-4777.

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