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Maintain Your HVAC System With This Simple Checklist October 15, 2018

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Maintain Your HVAC System With This Simple Checklist, Lawrence Park, Pennsylvania

Fall is finally here, and temperatures are beginning to drop. The colder it gets, the more your family will depend on your home’s heating system to stay warm. Before you crank up the heat, there are a few HVAC service tasks worth completing to ensure your system works properly for years. Here’s a simple maintenance checklist you can use to make sure your system is well-kept.

Your Easy Guide to Maintaining Your HVAC System

Replace Your HVAC Filters Regularly

HVAC filters collect dirt, dust, and debris to ensure your home has good air quality. As the filters collect dirt, they restrict the airflow from your furnace, forcing it to work harder to keep your home comfortable. This can increase your energy bills and result in avoidable HVAC service and repair appointments. Always start the season with new filters, then check them every month for dirt and replace as needed. Most have to be replaced every 30 days, especially if you have pets or see dust in your home. 

Clean Your Air VentsHVAC Service

No matter how often you clean your house, dust will always build up around your ceiling and floor vents. Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe the front of the vent. Then carefully lift the vent cover and wipe the inside of the air ducts as well. Do this at least once a week to ensure good indoor air quality.

Keep an Ear Out for Strange Noises

Every HVAC system makes noise when it’s running, but pay attention to strange noises. When your furnace turns on and off, listen to how it sounds. If anything sounds out of the ordinary or you notice a loud banging when the unit is shutting down, schedule an HVAC service appointment with a furnace repair expert.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit Regularly

Most HVAC units have both indoor and outdoor components that can be impacted by falling leaves and debris. In addition to frequently inspecting your indoor furnace, examine the outdoor components of your HVAC system and clear away any leaves and debris. Doing this periodically will help keep your system working properly. 

Address Issues Immediately & Schedule Regular Inspections

HVAC issues like a water or refrigerant leak should always be addressed immediately. Leaving them unrepaired can lead to unexpected breakdowns, especially during bad weather. Also, schedule a seasonal maintenance inspection with an experienced HVAC professional. They can check your system for any issues you may have missed and can effectively repair your system if needed. 


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