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3 Essential Rules for Italian Food December 11, 2018

Morris Park, Bronx
3 Essential Rules for Italian Food, Bronx, New York

There’s a reason why Italian food is popular the world over. Classic cuisines are composed of wholesome ingredients, including rich sauces, zesty seasonings, and succulent meats. Whether you’re interested in whipping up this fare on your own or satisfied to dine out, the following information can serve as a trusted guide.

A Guide to Eating or Cooking Italian Food

1. Cook Pasta With Care

When boiling pasta, you must add salt to the water. It enhances the flavor of the noodles, and proper seasoning is a staple of Italian meals. Also, make sure the water is at a full boil before adding the ingredient; otherwise the stands may stick together. Pasta should always be firm—which is what al dente refers to—and never overcooked.

2. Opt for Espresso

Italian FoodWhile it’s common for some restaurants to serve cappuccino after a meal, this is a no-no. The frothy coffee drink should be consumed on its own due to its somewhat heavy nature. If you need a quick pick-me-up after a meal, choose espresso. Enjoy the hot beverage after the fruit or dessert portion of the meal.

3. Know What Pizza Toppings to Cook

Most imagine these savory pies as hot and fresh out of the oven. While this is true, and certain ingredients taste best with a sizzle, not all toppings are alike. If you’re feeling adventures and want to jazz up a slice with arugula or prosciutto, then add these pieces at the end. Both options lose their flavor when cooked.


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