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5 Water Well Maintenance Tips October 29, 2018

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5 Water Well Maintenance Tips, Nixa, Missouri

Your well drilling project is over, and now you have a free source of water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Maintain your new water well with tips designed to avoid a variety of issues such as bacterial and chemical contamination. Enjoy clean, fresh water with these key tips.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Water Source After Well Drilling

1. Keep All Contaminants Away From the Well

Grade the soil around your well, so it slopes downward. This helps prevent contamination from insecticides, pesticides, soil, and polluted water. Sloping the area around your well also avoids contamination from livestock waste. You should also refrain from piling leaves or snow around the area to keep the water clear.

2. Get the Water Tested Regularly

well drillingSchedule annual water testing to check for bacteria, minerals, and chemicals including sulfates, nitrites, and nitrates. You should never ignore odorous or dirty water, foul taste, water pipe scale buildup, and fixture discoloration because they all could indicate contamination. If you suspect an issue, schedule water testing as soon as possible to keep your family and animals healthy.

3. Chlorinate Once a Year

Shock the water once every year to kill both sulfate-reducing and iron bacteria. These bacteria strains do not cause health problems; however, they interfere with water well efficiency by causing pipe restrictions and blockages. Additionally, sulfate-reducing bacteria features a rotten egg odor while iron bacteria leaves residue inside of your toilet tank.

4. Measure the Water Level

Measure the water level every month and keep a record for reference in case of contamination or a pipe restriction issue. Record the levels of when the well is full and when the well pump is operating to ensure there are no issues in either state. If the water level is abnormally high or low in either state, these measurements will help the professionals diagnose the issue.

5. Be Aware of Any Changes

Make notes of any changes to your water after well drilling, such as strong odors, dirty water, cracked liners, or signs of illness among family members and livestock. Keep a record of water output as well, including any seasonal changes.


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