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3 Tips to Help You Decide Between Cremation or Burial Service November 19, 2018

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Tips to Help You Decide Between Cremation or Burial Service, Cincinnati, Ohio

End of life decisions can be among the most challenging you’ll ever have to make, particularly when deciding between a cremation or a burial. To help facilitate this process, here’s a helpful guide of considerations for a cremation versus a burial service.

3 Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Cremation or Burial Services

1. Consider Your Memory

One of the biggest considerations to make is in regard to what you wish to leave behind. If you’d prefer to have a set resting place where your family members can visit and pay their respects, a standard burial service would be the more appropriate choice. If, however, you wish to remain in the keeping of a loved one, cremation may be the better option. This way, a family member can keep your remains safely in an urn in their home or disperse them as per your request.

2. Consider Costs

burial serviceCost is another consideration to make, particularly if there’s limited flexibility financially. Typically, a burial service will have greater associated costs, as there’s the need for a casket as well as funeral and burial fees. Cremation, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective option as fewer items and services will be involved.

3. Consider Religious Beliefs

In addition to your personal feelings on the matter, you may want to consider the beliefs of your loved ones who will be left behind. If your family members are religious, for instance, their beliefs may weigh into your decision. In many faiths, having the body present is an important part of the funeral proceedings, so if that’s the case, you may consider a standard burial service.


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