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OH NO - WINTER IS COMING!!! October 11, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
OH NO - WINTER IS COMING!!!, Lincoln, Nebraska

Please tell me we aren’t going to just slip into winter and miss fall completely??  I know its getting colder, and we at Whittemore Sprinkler Company are on track!  We are supposed to have a cold snap on Sunday, but that won’t hurt the sprinkler systems as it won’t get cold enough long enough to damage anything, but we are taking calls to at least get you on the schedule to have your sprinkler system turned off.  We are already starting to shut down the residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems for the winter.  We have had a lot of rain lately, so for those of you who are worried about not being able to water any more, we can delay your turn-off for a while yet. 

PLEASE call me at 402-476-8552 if you want to be sure and get on the list to have your lawn sprinkler system turned off and I promise you we at Whittemore Sprinkler Company will get there just as soon as we can.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will still have a fall please. 

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