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Can Auto Body Shops Diagnose Electrical Problems After Collision? November 5, 2018

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Can Auto Body Shops Diagnose Electrical Problems After Collision?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Immediately after an accident, drivers are most often concerned with external damage to their vehicle. While looking for scratches, dents, and shattered lights, there's another aspect of the car you should check for damage: the electrical system. Although you might not be able to diagnose electrical issues yourself, most auto body shops can. Here's how they go about doing it. 

How Auto Body Shops Diagnose Electrical Problems Following an Accident

Physical Inspection

Technicians will check the wiring under the hood, behind the radiator, and in places near the impact site. This physical inspection will give them a sense of what internal damage there might be that could lead to electrical problems. 

Electrical Test

auto body shopIf technicians feel there might be an electrical wiring issue in your vehicle, they may then conduct a circuits test using a 12-volt test light. This will gauge whether or not electrical power is reaching different parts of the vehicle. 

Continuity Test

A continuity test determines whether electrical currents can move along a closed path within the vehicle's circuit system without disruptive openings. Using a range selector, technicians test the car's electrical systems to see if they are open or closed. If the car’s electrical circuit is not closed, it won’t be able to conduct electricity via circuit flow through the vehicle. 


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