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5 Reasons SEO Solutions Take Time to Yield Results October 18, 2018

South Riding, Loudoun
5 Reasons SEO Solutions Take Time to Yield Results , South Riding, Virginia

When you want your business to make a splash online, you must produce content relevant to the terms your customers are searching. SEO solutions identify these patterns to help you publish material that matches the top search trends for your industry. But while this method is wildly effective, it often takes four to six months for businesses to see tangible results. Here are just a few reasons why companies must be patient when using SEO strategy.

5 Reasons Search Engine Optimization Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight  

1. Search Engine Legitimacy

Search engines tend to rank websites higher the longer they’ve been around. If you’ve just launched a website, you shouldn’t expect it to take the top spot within seconds. Over time, search engines will inspect your site to determine that it’s a legitimate, functional, and trustworthy resource. Once this occurs, your ranking should improve.

2. Post FrequencySEO solutions

Those new to SEO solutions often make the mistake of believing that all they have to do is publish a handful of posts at once to gain search engine approval. Search engines actually prioritize frequency over quantity. If you make efforts to post consistently every day for several months, you’re more likely to stand out from others who update infrequently. 

3. Quality Content

Rather than rehashing basic industry concepts, your online material should be relevant, diverse, aligned with your company’s tone, and written in a natural voice. Of course, producing this traffic-boosting content takes time, research, and careful preparation by skilled creatives.

4. Competing Posts

Unless you’re the only company in your industry, there are likely many other businesses competing for a top search engine ranking. If your content is too similar to that of your competitors, it’ll take longer for your site to climb. While there won’t always be an easy way around this dynamic, taking time to produce original material and publish regularly will eventually help you stand out from less-committed rivals in your field.

5. Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is a much more nuanced process today than it was in the early days of SEO. Instead of simply embedding popular terms into content, SEO strategists must track industry trends, user patterns, and local activity to determine which keywords are best for you and when and how to use them. 



While every business new to the online space should expect SEO solutions to take time, working with a skilled online marketing provider will speed up the process. That’s why companies in the Chantilly, VA area choose to work with the specialists at Red Jacket Systems. Offering comprehensive IT and online marketing solutions, this company carefully assesses the content needs of clients to develop long-term content strategies that produce results. Visit this IT company online to learn more about their versatile capabilities or call (703) 623-9982 to schedule a complimentary consultation with a friendly expert.  

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