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Why Fall Is Ideal for Generator Repairs October 18, 2018

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Why Fall Is Ideal for Generator Repairs, Anchorage, Alaska

Having a home generator gives you peace-of-mind in case of a storm or blackout. However, if it has been a while since you last had it inspected, there is a chance that it might fail right when you need it the most. With colder weather approaching, read below for reasons you should have your generator looked at this fall.

Why is Autumn the Best Time for Generator Maintenance?

Early Intervention

Cold weather can take its toll on your generator, draining its power. If your unit has been in storage for the past few months, there’s a chance that it might be in need of repairs or maintenance. By having your generator checked by a professional, you avoid being left in the cold and dark if a sudden storm knocks out your power.

More Storms

generatorColder weather also means that snow and ice storms will become more common. These elements are known to take their toll on homes and frequently knock out the power. Be prepared for the worst and stay comfortable by having any generator repairs done early. You’ll be grateful to have access to lighting and hot showers while the rest of your neighborhood remains dark.

Holidays Approaching

Do you love to entertain at home? With the holidays coming up, there will be more guests stopping by. Generators are excellent for those who have frequent parties. Because even though your home’s electric and heating system will be under more strain than usual, these machines ensure that the party won’t stop just because the main power goes out. 

Generators are crucial for the colder months when snow, ice, and high winds threaten to leave you without power. Meanwhile, United Electric Motors has more than 20 years of experience supplying Anchorage, AK, with the generator inspections and repairs they need. They also offer a 24/7 emergency hotline service that will have you covered in case your backup generator fails. Learn more about their other services online or by calling (907) 563-5232 today.

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