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3 Upcycling Ideas to Improve Your Garden’s Landscape November 8, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
3 Upcycling Ideas to Improve Your Garden’s Landscape, Honolulu, Hawaii

Throwing away items after they no longer serve their initial purpose has become too common. Learning to repurpose these objects through upcycling decreases the amount of waste in the world and provides a chance to create something new. Here are some useful ways to implement this practice in your garden to make it unique and environmentally friendly.

What Are Some Upcycling Tricks for Your Garden?

1. Tire Planter

After replacing the tires on your car, you might not know what to do with the old set. For gardeners, the rubber makes an excellent planter. Fill the center hole with rocks for drainage. Then cover the area with mesh or burlap to hold the soil in and allow water to drain. You can then add any plant you want. 

2. Pallet Hanging Garden

gardenWhen you have limited space for growing flowers and herbs, a small- to mid-sized wood pallet comes in handy. All you have to do is staple landscape fabric to the inside face of the front side and the flat, bottom side that will hang against the wall. You can then fill each open area on the front with soil before adding plants. Finally, hang the planter on the wall and use a mounting strip at the base to support your garden. 

3. Milk Carton Seed Starters

You likely buy milk regularly, so once you’ve drunk it all, save the containers to house seeds. Cut off the bottom two inches of the jug, poke a few holes in it, and add some potting soil to plant seeds. After watering, replace the top piece of the carton to hold in moisture until the seeds have germinated.


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