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4 Common Types of Pool Table Damage October 19, 2018

Meadowthrope, Lexington-Fayette Central
4 Common Types of Pool Table Damage, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

There's nothing quite like unwinding with family and friends by shooting a game of pool. You depend on your pool table to provide a uniform surface so you can pull off pro shots. Unfortunately, there are a number of issues that can damage a pool table; below, four of these issues are discussed in more detail.

4 Kinds of Pool Table Damage

1. Tears in the Surface

Most pool tables manufactured today are covered in a fabric called baize. While it offers a protective layer between the top of the table and the billiard balls and cue, it's not invincible, and tears can occur. A particularly forceful push of the pool cue is one of the most common causes of ripping in a table's surface.

2. Water Damagepool table

Many people keep their pool tables in basements or garages where they are prone to moisture. If there is a water leak above or near the table, it could cause water damage that then seeps into the wood of the table. This could warp the table and encourage the growth of potentially dangerous mold.

3. A Splintered Frame

If you're like most people, you probably don't consider the structural integrity of the pool table. After all, when it's doing its job, there's no need to question it. But a splinter in the frame could lead to less stability, which means an unsteady surface. A worst-case scenario would be a frame that splinters so badly the whole table collapses.

4. Debris Embedded in the Surface Material

Over time, various types of debris can become embedded in the baize. Dust, dirt, and crumbs are not unusual, as the wooliness of the fabric seems to attract these particles. Not only can they make the surface unpleasant to look at, but it will feel bumpy and uneven as you're positioning and moving the cue.


If your pool table has any of the damage mentioned above, it may be time for a repair. Lexington Billiards & Spas provides all manner of pool table repair services to the Fayette County region. They also offer hot tub and Jacuzzi sales, outdoor playsets, and barbecue grills. Arrange a repair for your pool table by calling (859) 255-7639, visiting their website, or messaging them on Facebook.

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