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3 Signs You Need to Call A Roach Control Service November 2, 2018

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3 Signs You Need to Call A Roach Control Service, Dothan, Alabama

Discovering cockroaches inside the house can be alarming for a homeowner, but roaches can be rather sneaky, craving dark spaces and tight corners where you might not be able to spot them. So how can you tell when you need to call a roach control service team? Fortunately, these pests leave behind other signs that can help you determine when pest control treatments are needed.

Top 3 Indicators You Need Roach Control Service

1. Musty Smells

roach control serviceWhen several cockroaches are present, they have a tendency to produce a musty, oily smell. A single cockroach will also produce this smell, though it won’t always be strong enough to notice. These roach-related smells can even affect how your food tastes, and are well worth investigating.

2. Feces & Egg Cases

Roaches often leave physical traces of their presence behind, most often in the form of feces and egg cases. Roach feces vary in appearance from species to species, but they usually look like coffee grounds or pepper flecks. Pantries and cupboards are common sites for feces. Likewise, roaches will often leave their egg casings behind furniture or near food sources. These long, hollow casings are light brown in color.

3. Neighborly Warnings

If your neighbors are currently dealing with a roach infestation of their own, your home is at risk. Not only should you take extra steps to clean up your property—especially food waste—but you may also wish to perform preventative treatments to keep out potential invaders.


By getting roach control service after you notice these signs, you can keep an infestation from getting out of hand. Pest-Ex has served Houston County, AL, since 1956, bringing a diverse range of experience that allows them to customize their treatment plans for your unique situation. To learn more about their residential pest control services, visit them online or call (334) 794-5903.

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