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3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Next Checkup November 13, 2018

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3 Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Next Checkup, Dumas, Texas

If you’re preparing for your end of the year checkup, remember that it should be about more than getting confirmation that nothing is wrong. It's a chance to ask any questions you might have about your past, present, and future health. Your doctor is the most reliable resource on your physical well-being. Below, you’ll find several questions you’ll be glad you asked.

Inquiries to Make About Your Health

1. Can You Explain My Diagnoses Further?

If you’re diagnosed with one or several health conditions, learn everything you can about them. Ask detailed questions about related symptoms, any tests you might need, and potential causes. Your doctor may not have a full course of action yet, but they can still tell you if they anticipate surgery or hospitalization. They’ll always be honest with you, and by understanding your condition, you can make it less overwhelming.

2. Can We Discuss My Medication?

doctorIf you’re taking medication and dealing with unwanted side effects or feel it’s not working, tell your doctor. It’s helpful to write your experiences down beforehand so that you don't forget anything. In response, you might be prescribed an alternative, which you should also ask for information on.

3. How Can I Be Healthier?

Your doctor will take a close look at your vitals, previous health records, and lifestyle factors to determine the state of your overall well-being. A checkup is a great time to discuss ways to improve, even if you feel you’re already living a healthy life. They may offer advice on exercise or dietary changes. They can also suggest habits you can introduce or eliminate, such as quitting smoking, to achieve a better lifestyle.


For over 26 years, the health care team at Dumas Family Practice has been committed to their patients’ well-being. Located in Dumas, TX, they offer a variety of services for patients of all ages and can treat both acute and chronic illnesses. Call (806) 935-9005 today to schedule a consultation with a doctor or visit them online.

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