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FAQ About Auto Glass Repair October 19, 2018

Cincinnati, Hamilton
FAQ About Auto Glass Repair, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cracking or shattering a windshield or window on your vehicle can be an unnerving experience. This issue can make your car dangerous to drive, and the cracks can spread if they’re not dealt with. Under such circumstances, auto glass repair is essential. Here are a few frequently asked questions about auto glass repair work. 

Common Questions About Auto Glass Repair

If my windshield is damaged, will it need to be repaired or replaced? 

Whether or not a windshield can be repaired depends largely on the size and severity of the crack. Only auto glass repair professionals analyzing your vehicle in person can make a final decision. In general, cracks the length of a dollar bill or smaller can often be repaired, while anything larger than that usually requires replacement. 

Are chips and cracks completely invisible after repair?

Iauto glass repairn most cases, no. While professional technicians will always restore the structural integrity of the glass and leave it in near-perfect condition, subtle blemish or trace marks may still be visible. 

Are auto glass technicians certified? 

Yes. All professional auto glass technicians must have a certification earned through intensive training on repair, replacement, and installation of vehicular glass. This ensures that your auto glass is repaired or replaced according to all modern safety standards.

Should drivers repair rock chips? 

While a small rock chip or two probably won't compromise the structural integrity of a windshield, having them repaired can be a major benefit to the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. Larger rock chips, however, are a different story: they can grow larger over time, eventually putting the entire windshield at risk. 


Drivers in the greater Cincinnati area rely on GlassPro, Inc. for all their auto glass repair needs. Whether you're looking for windshield replacement or repair, the National Glass Association® certified technicians at GlassPro, Inc. have you covered. The team wants you to know that you have the right to select the glass company of your choice—not your insurance company! Visit their website to learn more about auto glass services, or call directly at (513) 874-6559 to schedule an appointment.

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