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Finding The Right Tow Truck Company After a Car Accident or Breakdown June 22, 2015

Bond Hill, Cincinnati
Finding The Right Tow Truck Company After a Car Accident or Breakdown, Cincinnati, Ohio

Breaking down on the side of the road or being involved in a car accident can be a nightmare. And wasting time trying to find a reliable car service may only add salt to the wound. Here, Cincinnati’s premier towing company, Cai’s Towing & Recovery, explains how to find the right towing team for the job.

  • Insurance: If you’ve been involved in a collision, you’ll probably already be on the phone with your insurance company. Ask them about a nearby towing service that could help lend a hand. Using tow companies through your auto insurance policy can help save cash by getting you a reimbursement.
  • Right Type of Company: It’s critical to find out exactly what type of towing the company specializes in before having them come to the scene. For example, repossession companies don’t typically deal with mechanical failure or collision tows.
  • Consider Your Vehicle: While on the phone with the tow company, be as accurate as possible. Do you drive a sedan, truck, or SUV? Sometimes, you will need to get a specific type of tow truck in order to properly tow your vehicle safely and securely. For instance, flat bed tow trucks are ideal if your car is still able to drive onto the ramp. Wheel lift tow trucks hook under the front or rear wheels of a vehicle that cannot be driven.

Cai’s Towing & Recovery provides 24-hour towing services to the residents of Cincinnati for car locks-outs, emergency tire changes, and more. Their professional, quick, and courteous roadside assistance team helps you to get back on the road and back to your life. The company also buys junk cars, provides U-Haul rentals, and sells used cars.

If you need a helping hand, call Cai’s Towing & Recovery today for their auto towing services at (513) 351-1008.

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