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5 Types of Tires & When You Need Them October 17, 2018

Bluefield, Mercer
5 Types of Tires & When You Need Them, Bluefield, West Virginia

For many people, replacing the tires on their car means a quick trip to the auto repair shop where they’ll buy whatever is recommended. But in fact, there is a wide range of tire options available, each with different uses and strengths. By learning about the different types, you can choose the ones which best fit your needs and help keep your car running smoothly.

Types of Tires

1. Seasonal

TiresSummer and winter tires are designed to provide the best traction possible in specific sets of weather conditions. Summer tires offer lots of contact with the road for a better grip in wet and dry conditions, while winter tires have deep grooves which help expel snow and slush to minimize slipping.

2. All-Season

All-season or all-weather tires are meant to provide the best of both worlds, getting decent traction in both hot and cold weather so you won’t have to change your tires. However, they are not effective at handling the coldest winters and iciest roads.

3. Temporary Tires

Also called a “donut,” the temporary tire is only meant to be used when you have a flat and you need to get your car to the shop for a new tire installation. They are kept at a higher pressure, should only be driven at 50 mph or below, and are meant for short distances.

4. Track

A range of track tires are available for racing. You may be tempted to try them on your vehicle, hoping for a better performance. However, they are highly specialized for different track conditions, which makes them a less effective choice for everyday driving on ordinary roads.

5. Trailer

Trailer tires are designed to carry heavy loads and stand up to wear over long distances. The two main types are bias ply and radial ply tires, of which bias ply options are more durable and radial ply wear more smoothly.


If you aren’t sure which tires to choose for your vehicle and for the time of year, contact Estep Tire & Auto Center in Bluefield, WV. Serving Mercer County, this family-owned shop has over 25 years of history providing quality tires and auto services. They even offer a convenient online diagnostic tool to help you understand what’s wrong with your car. To make an appointment, call (304) 325-9134 or reach out online.

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