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FAQ About Tennessee DUI October 18, 2018

Cookeville, Putnam
FAQ About Tennessee DUI, Cookeville, Tennessee

Getting charged with a DUI can raise a host of questions. You may have questions about everything from possible sentences to changes in insurance rates. Here are a few questions asked by people facing charges of driving under the influence in Tennessee.   

What if this is a first-time conviction?

Every case is different, but for a first offender with a blood alcohol level (BAC) over .08 but under .20, jail time for a DUI can range from 48 hours to 11 months, and a fine can range from $350 to $1,500. The court imposes a 1-year license revocation and can impose other penalties as well.

Will I be able to drive after a DUI conviction?

On a first conviction, the court can issue a restricted license. This license enables convicted drivers to drive on a limited basis. The court may also require you to install an ignition interlock system on your vehicle at your expense.    

Does a DUI conviction affect my insurance?

You may be required to have SR-22 insurance, which is high-risk coverage that’s more expensive than regular policies. Drivers must carry this insurance for up to five years after they are convicted.

How can a lawyer help me if I’m charged with DUI?

duiThere are many ways a lawyer can support you throughout this process. A DUI lawyer may be able to challenge the breath or blood test results and other evidence, which could lead the prosecutor to dismiss or reduce the charge, depending on your case. A lawyer skilled in negotiation could work out a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor. They can also represent you in the courtroom as well, and attorneys argue for favorable sentences for their clients. 


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