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4 Uses for Pole Buildings October 17, 2018

Bayfield, Bayfield
4 Uses for Pole Buildings, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Everyone needs their own special space where they can relax, work on their favorite hobbies, or pursue other interests. Whether you’re a movie buff or amateur carpenter, pole buildings provide the space you need to focus on your interests. Here are a few clever ways to convert these metal buildings into a personal retreat for you and your family. 

Creative Uses for Pole Buildings

1. Garage

Don’t have a garage currently attached to your home? Pole garages are perfect for storing your vehicles as well as other supplies that don’t have a place in your home. They are also ideal for those who enjoy working on car or boat engines. You’ll be able to keep your machine safe from the elements without needing to shell out thousands for the cost of a home addition. 

2. Animal Shelter

pole buildingsDo you have a soft spot in your heart for four-legged friends? Pole buildings can easily be used as animal shelters for creatures of all sizes. Whether you’re running a dog rescue and need extra space for housing, or need a spot to house your livestock, these structures can be insulated to keep your furry friends safe and warm. 

3. Movie Theater

Love catching up on the latest releases, but don’t have the space you desire for the ultimate viewing experience? Create your own personal theater using a pole building! It’s simple to outfit these structures with electricity to power a television and speaker system. You can also add soundproofing so you don’t disturb the neighbors while enjoying Friday Movie Night with the family.

4. Workshop

Do you enjoy woodworking or sewing costumes? Pole buildings are perfect workshop locations for all of your hobbies. They are also ideal for those who want to turn their hobbies into careers but need the extra space for all of their supplies and tools. You’ll be able to pursue your passions without needing a home addition. 


For more creative ideas on how to convert pole buildings into a place you can pursue your passions, speak with the general contractors at Dahl Construction Company in Bayfield, WI. This company has been family-owned and -operated since 1976, and can assist with everything from roofing and siding to custom homes and home additions. Learn more about their services online or by calling (715) 779-3600 today.

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