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3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Gutters October 18, 2018

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3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Gutters, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Cleaning out your gutters is an essential fall maintenance task that every homeowner should prioritize. Most roofers recommend you do a thorough clean out of your gutters in the autumn, and then check up on them once every two months to ensure there’s no new debris to remove. Clean and properly functioning gutters will protect your home throughout the winter weather in the months to come.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Essential

1. Roof Damage

Debris, such as leaves that have fallen from your trees, will clog up the gutters if they’re not removed. Once it starts raining, the gutters won’t be able to do their job, and the water will overflow onto the roof. The resulting water damage will rot through the roofing material and soffits, which could cause extensive damage if it’s not taken care of immediately.

2. Foundation Damage

guttersOverflowing gutters will cause damage to more than just the roof; the water will run down the siding to the ground. Downspouts are designed with a drainage system to safely funnel water away from the home, but when the gutters overflow, the water will pool at the foundation instead. This causes cracks in the foundation, which can be a costly repair.

3. Pest Infestations

Clogged-up gutters, with moisture and leaves inside them, will attract critters to your home. It creates the ideal nesting site. Pests, ranging from birds and rodents to mosquitoes, will be drawn to the moisture and nesting materials. Depending on the type of pest you attract, they could do a lot of damage to your home or pose a safety and health hazard to your family.


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