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Avoid These Common Mistakes if You Ever Knock Out a Tooth October 17, 2018

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Avoid These Common Mistakes if You Ever Knock Out a Tooth, Kimberling City, Missouri

As a child, losing a tooth was probably an exciting occasion. After all, it meant you could expect a visit from the Tooth Fairy later that night. Losing a tooth as an adult, on the other hand, is utterly jarring. Whether you suffer a blow to the head or bite down on something hard, realizing a tooth has fallen out can be scary. By taking the right steps immediately, though—and avoiding the wrong ones—you may be able to save your smile with the help of a dentist

What Not to Do After Losing a Permanent Tooth

1. Letting It Dry Out

If you can place the tooth back in its socket, do so gently. Otherwise, it is essential to keep the tooth moist until you can make it to a dentist. You can do this by dropping it into a small cup of saliva or milk. 

2. Postponing Dental Care

dentistWhen a tooth falls out, it’s critical to seek dental care as soon as possible. Even if your dentist cannot reattach the tooth, they can prevent complications. For example, a serious infection could develop in the empty socket, and without an implant, the jawbone underneath the missing tooth will disintegrate over time. Additionally, if the tooth fell out because of oral health issues, other teeth will likely fall out, as well, until you seek treatment. 

3. Throwing It Away 

Permanent teeth are supposed to be just that—permanent. Therefore, when one of them falls out, it’s natural to assume nothing can be done; however, advancements in dentistry have made it possible to reattach natural teeth in most scenarios. If you assume the dentist will be unable to do anything, though, and simply throw the tooth away, you will never know if it could have been reinserted. 


If you accidentally knocked out a tooth, turn to a dentist at Kimberling City Dental Center. For more than three decades, residents of Stone County, MO, have been relying on this practice for comprehensive care from friendly and knowledgeable providers. Their dental services include everything, from root canal therapy to teeth whitening. By maintaining memberships to leading dental associations and continuing their education year after year, their dentists can stay at the forefront of their industry. To request an appointment, visit their website or call (417) 739-4965 today. 

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