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Why You Should Have Your Mirror Professionally Framed October 16, 2018

Downtown Seattle, Seattle
Why You Should Have Your Mirror Professionally Framed, Seattle, Washington

Mirrors can add function and dimension to your space by reflecting light and making rooms appear larger. However, not all mirrors in their original frames will fit seamlessly with your existing decor. Instead of settling or searching high and low for the perfect mirror, you can have one custom framed to suit your style. Just don’t attempt this project on your own. Here are some of the top reasons why you should have professionals handle your next mirror framing project.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Leave Mirror Framing to the Professionals

1. Safety

Mirrors have sharp edges and can easily break if they are dropped or handled incorrectly. Rather than risk cleaning up shards of mirror, bring your mirror in to be professionally framed. Professional framers have the tools and experience to work with this type of glass safely and avoid breaking or shattering it.

2. Knowledge

mirror framingCustom framing a mirror is more complicated than simply sticking a mirror into a store-bought frame. It requires precise measuring, cutting, and material selection to ensure that the mirror is secure and will stay up on the wall. Only a mirror framing professional will be equipped with the proper training to create a sturdy, stunning finished product.

3. Quality of Work

Ultimately, what you want is a gorgeous mirror that perfectly matches your space. If you try to do it yourself, you could end up with a mirror that looks like a craft project rather than a unique piece of decor. A mirror framing professional will use their tools and experience to bring your exact vision to life.


If you’re interested in exploring your mirror framing options, contact the professionals at Seattle Custom Framing in Seattle, WA. Their custom framing and glass replacement company offers a variety of products and services, from large picture frames and shadow boxes to repairing broken frames. Owner Molly Boone-Jones is a certified picture frame specialist and has more than 20 years experience in the framing industry. You can view a gallery of completed work on the company’s website or call the team at (206) 838-7908 to inquire about your framing needs.

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