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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Sales Brochure October 23, 2018

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Sales Brochure, ,

Creating a sales brochure? To be effective, your brochure needs to stand out and convince your readers to take action. Your goal should be to provide helpful information, without overwhelming your target audience. It can be challenging to choose the right content, while maintaining your brochure’s visual appeal. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during the creation process and when you’re ready for brochure printing.

How to Create an Effective Sales Brochure

1. Use AIDA to Select Content

AIDA—Attention, Interest, Desire, Action—is a helpful guideline to follow when choosing content for your sales brochure. Focus your content on grabbing your readers’ attention, capturing their interest, and generating their desire to act. 

2. Choose Images Wiselybrochure printing

Avoid using images of your store or office building, since they don’t provide real value. Instead, use photos that matter to your customers. Do you run a fashion company? Show off images of your designs. Are you in the dog walking business? Show your dog walkers in action. Display your product or service.

3. Use Headlines, Bullets, & Graphics

Use headlines, bullets, and graphics to make the most vital information stand out. These visual elements attract attention and allow readers to understand your product or service quickly. Use bullet points to highlight your key services or features, and headlines to show off the benefits of your product or service.

4. Encourage Readers to Take Action

Your real goal isn’t to show off your business; it’s to get your readers to take action. Use tactics like limited-time offers or gifts for first-time customers to encourage your readers to take action. Also, include essential information like your business location and telephone number, so it’s easy for potential customers to reach you. 

5. Use Professional Brochure Printing

Even if you choose great content and images, your brochure will only be effective if it looks professional. Use a professional brochure printing service to ensure your final product looks elegant and alluring.


Bestype Imaging provides digital, offset, and large format printing services in New York, NY. From personalized business cards to glossy fashion books, they have the technology and expertise to get your printing project done. Get an overview of their services online. To discuss your brochure printing needs directly, give them a call at (212) 966-6886. 

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