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Calling The Movers? Plan With This Moving Checklist For a Stress-Free Move June 22, 2015

Maplewood, Rochester
Calling The Movers? Plan With This Moving Checklist For a Stress-Free Move, Rochester, New York

There are so many things that you’re going to have to remember when moving that makes going without a simple checklist, like this one from Becker Movers, simply unimaginable. From military precision to a full Mardi Gras procession, the team at Becker Movers has seen every type of moving scenario there is and have summarized their best to-do list for stress-free residential moving.

A great moving timeline starts with the following:

  • Six weeks before moving: De-clutter six weeks before you move and ask yourself what you need to take with you. Many people will perform two de-cluttering sessions because the first one just wasn’t thorough enough, so cut down on this exercise by getting it done right the first time. Additionally, carve out some time to start looking for your moving company, packing supplies, and make quote comparisons. 


  • Four weeks before moving: By now you should know if you’re going to need a storage facility and who will be your mover. Finalize your actual moving date and the exact hour that your belongings will be delivered. Now is also the perfect time to pack your non-essential items and give a 30-day notice to your electricity provider, newspaper service, standing orders, and change of address.
  • Two weeks before moving: Confirm and reconfirm all your important dates with realtors, property managers, and the like. Also, cement your plans about who will be with children and pets on moving day. Do a brief run through of what you’re going to eat for the next two weeks and don’t do any additional shopping.


  • One week before moving: Separate important documents and have them all in one easily accessible place. Aside from one frying pan and a coffee machine, pack up everything you can live without. This is also the time to defrost your fridge and do one last round of laundry. After that, you should be packed and only have enough stuff out for a mini-vacation.
  • 24 hours before moving: Charge your phone and sleep soundly the night before. On the morning of your move, pack the previous night’s bedding into simple black garbage bags. Once the movers arrive, wait for them to complete their job and do one final checklist of the house. Turn off all lights and heat, take out the trash, take a meter reading and know exactly who’s supposed to take your old keys.

For the times you need a superb moving company, call Becker Movers at (585) 458-5480 and visit them online for more information.

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