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How CAD Technology Enhances Food Cart Designs November 7, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
How CAD Technology Enhances Food Cart Designs , Brooklyn, New York

When it comes to food cart designs, there’s a lot to consider. Everything from the size of the cart to the components of your mobile kitchen can contribute to the success or failure of your business. Whether you own a traditional hot dog cart or ice cream truck, computer-aided design (CAD) programs help maximize your space while keeping food safety a priority. Not sure what CAD technology is, or how it can support mobile restaurants? Here are some insights to help guide you.

The Importance of CAD Software in Food Cart Designs

How It Works

CAD software allows users to draft detailed blueprints of their food cart designs before construction. By seeing different examples through three-dimensional renderings, they’re able to identify problems before they waste time and funds building an actual cart. Changes can easily be made, and new drawings created with the touch of a button. CAD technology also allows a chance to create a small prototype using a 3D printer. 

Why You Should Use It to Design a Food Cart

food cart designEvery inch of space counts in food cart design. CAD programs allow you to see an entire plan in a large format, save, and adjust with changes as needed. You can determine how much space is needed for food storage, preparation, and cleanup, and generate designs to accommodate your needs. You can also create different looks for the food cart, helping to create a cart that attracts customers, too.


If you need help with your food cart design, the specialists at Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions can help you create a custom mobile kitchen to meet your needs. Based in New York, they service clients in five other states, including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. They specialize in designing custom food trucks. Call (800) 253-4815 to speak to a representative, and visit them online to learn more about their services.

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