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3 Ways to Make Funeral Arrangements Easier for Your Family November 22, 2018

Kannapolis, Cabarrus
3 Ways to Make Funeral Arrangements Easier for Your Family, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Planning a funeral service is a sensitive task that family members may find difficult. Through funeral preplanning, you can do your part to ease your loved ones’ pain and relieve them of making tough choices during their time of grief. Learning more about this process can make you feel at ease knowing you’ve done all you can to prepare and to help those you love the most.

A Guide to Making Advanced Funeral Arrangements

1. Establish Your Funeral Preferences

Often, funeral homes offer individuals the option to preplan their own funeral services. This gives you the liberty of selecting every detail, including any hymns, readings, speakers, songs, and guests you would like to be included. You can determine whether you’d prefer a burial or a cremation and select a casket or an urn based on your preference. You can even request that your loved ones gather after the funeral at a place that is meaningful to you.

2. Connect with a Funeral Director

Rowan County, NC funeral serviceYou’ll need to work closely with a funeral director to properly complete the arrangements. They’ll walk you through the process of selecting everything from flowers to vehicles for the procession. You will also arrange for payment at this point. Funeral preplanning affords you the benefit of handling this expense ahead of time so your loved ones don’t have to worry about it.

3. Discuss Arrangements with Family

Although it’s a difficult discussion to have, informing your family of your plans can also be a relief to everyone involved. Not only will you feel satisfied that your final wishes will be met, but your family will have the joy of knowing that they are carrying out the funeral service according to your wishes. That can be priceless for those who are mourning, and it may provide some solace as your loved ones gather to celebrate a life well lived.


Are you thinking of preplanning your funeral service? You can trust in the caring, compassionate, and experienced staff at Whitley’s Funeral Home. They’ve served Cabarrus and Rowan counties in NC for over a century, and they’re proud to provide your family with assistance during their time of need. Visit them online to find out more about everything from cremation to memorial services. You can also call them at (704) 933-2222 to speak with a caring representative.

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