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What is Considered Criminal Law? October 16, 2018

Columbia, Boone
What is Considered Criminal Law?, Columbia, Missouri

When convicted of violating a criminal law, someone can go to jail and pay hefty fines, but that’s not true for civil violations. What makes some acts criminal while others lead to civil lawsuits? Here’s what criminal law means and how violations impact society.

Criminal Law Defined

Criminal law is the system of laws which punishes those who commit crimes. What defines a crime are criminal codes, with each state having their own designations. Attornies are qualified to interpret your state’s criminal code and are a reputable resource in understanding what a crime is.

Examples of Criminal Law Violations criminal-law-Columbia-MO

Crimes such as murder, robbery, arson, and child endangerment are criminal law violations because they impact the safety and security of the community as well as individual victims. These violations have varying degrees and very strict definitions.

Treatment of Criminals Under the Law

When individuals are convicted of criminal law violations, government authorities use jail and prison sentences to punish them, protect society from them, and deter them and others from committing future criminal acts. Some cases involve rehabilitation or treatment, such as for addiction or mental illness.

Fines and community service help compensate the public for costs of the criminal justice process, including the costs of public defenders or court-appointed private defense lawyers who represent the accused. In some cases, convicted individuals must pay restitution to victims directly, to replace what was stolen or destroyed.


Fines, jail time, and job loss are just a few of the possible consequences when someone is charged with violating a criminal law. Attorneys at The Law Office of Lorri Kline in Columbia, MO, offer wise counsel and a vigorous defense for individuals accused of crimes. These attorneys have wisdom and experience that lets them best represent you, from minor traffic charges to complex felony cases. Call (573) 442-1646 for a consultation appointment, or contact them through their website or Facebook now.

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