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5 Practical Garbage Removal Tips October 16, 2018

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
5 Practical Garbage Removal Tips , Brooklyn, New York

Despite continuing advances in eco-friendly actions, Americans still produce a considerable amount of trash. In fact, the EPA estimates that every person, on average, produces 4.4 pounds of trash each day. While it’s important to look for ways to reduce consumption in general, how we dispose of waste can also make an impact on the safety of our environment and the cleanliness of our communities. Making these changes doesn’t have to involve a lot of work either. By adopting these five practices, you can simplify your home’s garbage removal needs and do good for the planet at the same time.  

5 Tips to Improve Your Household’s Waste Management

1. Use Biodegradable Trash Bags

Plastic garbage bags make it easy to collect and store trash. Unfortunately, though, plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose, putting the environment at risk. To minimize this impact, try using biodegradable trash bags. Like standard bags, biodegradable products can reliably hold your trash in a sanitary fashion. However, they can decompose within just a few months once they reach the landfill.

2. Compost Food Waste

garbage removalRather than throwing food into the garbage can, consider putting it into a compost pile. Compost is a balanced combination of food waste and organic plant matter—such as grass clippings and leaves. Over time, these materials break down to form a nutrient-rich soil that can you use in your own garden.

3. Tie Bags Completely

Anytime you throw away a full garbage bag, make sure it is tied tight. Taking this precaution will make garbage removal easier and keep waste from contaminating your trash can. It will also help block odor and deter pests.

4. Cover Your Cans

Your outdoor trash can should have a secure lid that is kept closed whenever it isn’t in use. In addition to blocking out odor, this cover will make it tough for animals to invade your trash can.  Covering your container will also keep out elements—such as rain—to prevent moisture problems.

5. Don’t Dump

If you have any large or unusual items you need to get rid of, don’t dump them or try to squeeze them in your trash can. Instead, appliances, furniture, electronics, and other sizable items should be collected by a trusted rubbish removal service that guarantees proper disposal and recycling.


When you’re burdened with garbage, turn to the specialists at R K Rubbish Removal for effective waste management solutions. Providing garbage removal services in Brooklyn, NY for more than 25 years, this team has all the tools necessary to safely and responsibly dispose of waste. In addition to standard garbage removal, this provider can also handle difficult clean-up jobs—such as oil tank removal and boiler disposal. To learn more about these capabilities, visit this affordable junk removal service online. For trash pick-up in the greater New York City area, call (347) 915-8840 to speak with a friendly specialist at any hour of any day.

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