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3 Reasons Your Child's Adult Teeth Aren't Growing In October 16, 2018

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3 Reasons Your Child's Adult Teeth Aren't Growing In, Passaic, New Jersey

After a visit from the tooth fairy, it’s natural to expect the arrival of permanent teeth. But what if those teeth don’t appear? A pediatric dentist can determine why your child’s permanent teeth may be late to the party – or never show up at all – and provide appropriate dental care, but you can learn about some of the typical reasons for delay below. 

3 Common Causes of Delayed Permanent Teeth

1. Lack of Space

Permanent teeth are much larger than baby teeth. That’s why most little ones have such wide spaces between their first set. If there isn’t sufficient space for adult teeth to grow in, they could fail to erupt right away. A pediatric dentist can extract neighboring baby teeth to create enough room for adult teeth. 

2. Diet

DentistTeeth are composed primarily of calcium. To properly form new teeth, your child needs a healthy diet of calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, leafy greens, and enriched grains. A diet lacking calcium and heavy on sugary foods might slow the development of adult teeth. 

3. Genetics

The growth, shape, and alignment of teeth are genetic. Certain families simply develop adult teeth later than others. Before scheduling an emergency appointment with a family dentist, think back on your own developmental process. If your teeth came in late, or you needed braces, your children may have similar issues. If you notice that your child has a baby tooth or teeth that simply won’t budge, it’s possible your child has tooth agenesis or anodontia, a hereditary absence of some or all adult teeth. Fortunately, there are many treatments available for this condition, so talk to your pediatric dentist about your options. 



If you’re concerned about your child’s dental development, contact Smile Central Dental, conveniently located in Paterson, NJ. This welcoming and respected family dentistry clinic serves residents of Passaic County. If you’re looking for an experienced and gentle pediatric dentist, call this practice today at (973) 742-4200 to schedule an appointment for your child. They even offer special touches like an on-site therapy dog to ensure every child is calm and happy during their visit. For more information on the comprehensive dental care services they provide, visit their website


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