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What You Need to Know About Whale Breaching October 24, 2018

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What You Need to Know About Whale Breaching, Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is packed with some of the most unique and picturesque wildlife in the world, including a variety of whale species that visit the local waters every year. If you partake in a whale watching tour, one of the most mesmerizing visuals to witness is breaching. Learn more about this process and what it entails below.

A Guide to Whale Breaching

What Is It?

Breaching is a surface activity in which a whale jumps out of the water. The act looks similar to a belly-flop as the whale lands fairly horizontally in the water, which creates a large, dramatic splash. However, whales typically complete a 90- or 180-degree spin in the air before landing. 

On a whale watching tour, you're most likely to see this behavior from humpback whales. Yet, they aren't the only species that does it. Gray whales are also known to breach from time to time, as are killer whales. North Pacific right whales also display such behavior, but they rarely spend time at the surface.

whale watching tourWhy Do They Do It?

Over the years, there have been various different theories as to why whales breach. However, the most recent studies point to communication. Essentially, the vibrations caused by the impact of a whale body or fin hitting the water is powerful enough to reach long distances. This process comes in handy when a pod is spread out further than their underwater songs can reach.

Even in compact bays, breaching is beneficial to whale interactions. The movements of boats and fish schools within a given area create a muffling effect that inhibits whale-to-whale signaling. The strong force of breaching penetrates such audio congestion, ensuring that a whale is still able to communicate with their party nearby.


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