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Why You Should Schedule Water Well Services & Maintenance in the Fall October 16, 2018

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Why You Should Schedule Water Well Services & Maintenance in the Fall, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Having a well on the property ensures a steady supply of water all year round. But if you’re planning to construct a new water system, which involves well drilling, or conduct maintenance and repairs, it’s better to have it done during the warm, dry months of summer or fall. That’s because the ground and other well components tend to harden at freezing winter temperatures, making it difficult to get any job done. Here’s why timing matters.

The Ideal Time for Water Well Work

Water well installation, maintenance, and repairs are not limited to a particular season, especially in warm temperate climates. But if you’re located in a colder climate, it’s essential to have well services done in the summer and early fall. Outdoor conditions during these seasons are most favorable for well drilling, installation, inspection, and fixing of system issues, as compared to a wet, muddy situation where it’s slippery and hazardous for workers using heavy equipment.

How to Do Well Maintenance in Fall

Before the cold weather takes its toll on the wells, have your water system thoroughly checked by professionals. They will inspect the pump system and tune it up for improved efficiency, as well as examine the outer area of the well for any damage. Repairing leaking toilets and faulty faucets will avoid wasting water, particularly during drought season. Water levels tend to be lower in early fall because of the dry weather, so take steps to minimize wastage, such as running full loads in the washing machine or dishwasher, or by turning the faucet off when brushing your teeth.     

Why Fall Maintenance Matters

well drillingWhile it’s easy to overlook well maintenance, routine upkeep is the key to safe potable water. Frequent well inspections and periodic testing in the fall allow you to keep your system running efficiently and prevent minor issues from turning into full-blown emergencies, especially amidst a cold spell. Scheduling for well repairs in winter, especially if no water is coming out of the faucets or shower, can be tedious and problematic on a particularly freezing day.


Before winter sets in, make sure every task—from well drilling to pump service and water line inspection—is completed. In cases of emergencies, rely on the team from DMB Drilling Co Inc. in Shell Lake, WI, to respond right away. Their team of MSHA-certified staff helps clients gain access to safe drinking water throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Call (715) 653-4202 or visit their website to learn more about water well drilling and maintenance.

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