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3 Tips to Stop Grinding Your Teeth at Night October 24, 2018

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3 Tips to Stop Grinding Your Teeth at Night, Anchorage, Alaska

Teeth grinding—known as bruxism—can have serious oral health consequences, and you may not even know you’re doing it if it occurs at night. If your dentist has pointed out signs that you’ve been grinding your teeth, it’s important to take steps to stop it. Not doing so can lead to enamel wear, chipped and broken teeth, and chronic jaw pain and headaches. Below, you’ll find key tips to reduce the effects and eventually eliminate teeth grinding.

3 Ways to Prevent Teeth Grinding at Night

1. Reduce Stress During the Day

Workdays can be stressful and are often a cause of daytime teeth grinding. If you don’t manage your daytime stress, you’ll bring it home and internalize it in your subconscious, resulting in night grinding. It’s important to begin decreasing your stress levels. Stop and breathe throughout the day and step away from stressful situations. Exercising is another great way to eliminate stress, and you can also explore counseling. Collectively, you’ll reduce stress and benefit every aspect of your health.

2. Meditate Before Bed

dentistTo further reduce stress, meditate before you go to sleep. Focus on your breathing and emptying your mind. Be present and pay attention to immediate sensations to stay relaxed. It may take some practice, but you’ll gradually find that you sleep more soundly and avoid teeth grinding.

3. Wear a Mouth Guard

While it’s not a solution, you’ll need to protect your teeth while you’re learning to eliminate grinding. A custom-made mouth guard from your dentist is the best way, so discuss options at your next appointment. Having it can also give you peace of mind knowing you aren’t damaging your teeth while you practice meditation and stress reduction.


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