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5 Reasons to Invest in New Baby Dress Shoes for the Holidays November 2, 2018

Enterprise, Clark
5 Reasons to Invest in New Baby Dress Shoes for the Holidays, Enterprise, Nevada

With the holiday season approaching, kids are thinking about what they want from Santa Claus. However, there is one gift that’s worth giving ahead of the holidays: new baby dress shoes. Find out why now is the perfect time for you, as a parent, to invest in some fresh footwear for the kids. 

5 Benefits of New Holiday Baby Dress Shoes 

1. Spruce Up Photos with Santa

Visiting Santa Claus is a tradition for many families. When your child is sitting on St. Nick’s lap, their shoes are central in the picture. Make sure they have a great pair to show off!

2. Get Christmas-Card Ready 

Even if your child isn’t going to see Santa at the mall, they will likely participate in other holiday photos, like those for your Christmas cards. Getting them new shoes might help them coordinate with the rest of the family or at least inspire them to put their best foot forward.

3. Prepare for Party Seasonbaby dress shoes

Whether it’s a family-friendly office function or a get-together with friends who also have children, you’re sure to attend some festivities with your little ones in tow. Giving them new shoes to show off can add to their excitement and sense of celebration, as well as making sure they have clean, well-fitting baby dress shoes to match their party outfits.

4. Show Off for Winter Recitals

Many kids take part in holiday performances at school. Whether it’s a nativity play or a choir recital, it’s good to make sure kids have new shoes when they hit the stage since their feet will be more-or-less at eye level with the audience.

5. Keep Little Feet Snug & Safe

Baby dress shoes don’t need to be impractical. Modern designs can come with slip-proof gripping and water-proof material. This can help keep your little one on their feet and happy during the chillier holiday season.


From baby dress shoes to newborn footwear, trust Pediped Infant Footwear in Las Vegas, NV, to take care of your little one’s feet. Their products are custom-made for kids, and they are one of the first children’s shoe stores recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Their diverse range of over 120 kids’ and babies’ shoes is not only stylish but also practical, being machine-washable, ultra light and slip-resistant. Learn more about their story online. If you have questions about their products, give them a call at (702) 564-2246.

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