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3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Extended Vehicle Storage October 16, 2018

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3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Extended Vehicle Storage, Jacksonville, Arkansas

If you’re headed out of town for a while or need to stash a car for a few months, consider renting long-term vehicle storage. These secure locales provide the perfect place for a car to wait while you’re off adventuring. Below are some tips on preserving your ride, so it’s ready to run when you return.

How to Keep Your Car in Top Shape While It’s in Vehicle Storage

1. Top Off the Fluids

While a vehicle sits unused, some of the fluids inside will evaporate. It’s important to top off all these liquids to ensure they don’t dry out and leave the vehicle without lubricant. Fill up the oil, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and anti-freeze. As for the gasoline, consider draining the vehicle entirely, so the gas doesn’t form mineral deposits and damage the car. 

2. Clean the Vehicle

vehicle storage Jacksonville ARIf you leave bird poop, pollen, or dirt on a car and place it in vehicle storage, there is a risk of damaging the paint job due to corrosion and rust. It’s a good idea to get a car wash before locking it away. Also, consider getting interior detailing, so the inside is in top shape when you return.

3. Remove the Windshield Wipers

Wipers are pliable and can become flawed if left on the blades. Remove the wipers and place them inside the vehicle to maintain the integrity of the rubber. This way you won’t have to peel them off the glass to get them working again when you retrieve the car from vehicle storage.


If you need a storage unit for long- or short-term use, contact Northgate Mini Storage in Pulaski County, AR. They offer unit sizes from 5-foot by 10-foot to 10-foot by 30-foot to accommodate all your storage needs. To learn about their secure, well-lit facility that features computerized entry and individual door alarms, call (501) 985-5054. Visit the website for information on their available vehicle storage units and 7-day access.

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