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4 Tips to Prepare for Car Shipping November 15, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
4 Tips to Prepare for Car Shipping, Anchorage, Alaska

When transporting your vehicle long distances, driving it is not always the best option. A car shipping company makes the process easier. Before you bring your ride in, it’s important to get it ready for the journey. Here’s a simple checklist to follow.

How to Get Ready for Car Shipping

1. Research the Company

Don’t sign up with a company that’s not reliable or reputable. Before making an appointment, look up customer reviews, check with the Better Business Bureau® for their ratings, and ask for a quote. However, you shouldn’t just choose the lowest price; select transporters with a history of satisfied customers and who offer value for that rate.

2. Clear Out Personal Possessions

Car ShippingOnce you find a company, you’ll need to clean out the car. Remove belongings, including CDs, sweaters, snacks, and miscellaneous tools in the trunk. The cost of transporting the vehicle is often determined by weight. Clearing as many items as possible lowers the price.

3. Wash the Car

Before shipping, wash and wax the vehicle, then inspect the exterior for scratches and dents. Make a note of any existing damage and take pictures of the automobile before taking it to the car shipping company. Once it arrives at its destination, use the photos to check for any harm during transit. Doing so helps with any insurance claims you may need to file.

4. Don’t Overfill the Gas Tank

When transporting a car, the gas tank needs to be at an appropriate level. Most auto carriers recommend leaving no more than ¼. The amount reflects the Federal Maritime regulations for sea transportation. It will give you enough fuel to head to a gas station once the vehicle reaches the destination.


Avoid the stress of driving long distances by enlisting a car shipping company. Wrightway Auto Carriers in Anchorage offers safe and reliable services, whether you’re moving in the winter and don’t want to drive in the snow or prefer to avoid the hassle. They’ve transported vehicles throughout Alaska since 1951 and will take care of yours as if it were their own. Learn more about them online and call (907) 277-4549 for a free estimate.

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