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5 Fun Facts About the 1950s November 5, 2018

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
5 Fun Facts About the 1950s, Lincoln, Nebraska

Even with over half a century of hindsight, the 1950s still hold a soft spot in many people’s hearts. From milkshakes to poodle skirts to stylish lounges, there’s an undeniable character in those mid-century years. If you consider yourself a 50s buff, or if you’re trying to learn more about the decade, here’s a list of fun facts about this period.

What Were the 1950s Known For?

1. Credit Cards

When you go to buy an item at a grocery or convenience store, it’s almost inevitable that you will be asked, “Cash or credit?” And yet, as ubiquitous as they are now, the first credit card, dubbed the Diners Club Card, wasn’t issued until the 1950s.

2. Disneyland®

loungeToday, many people see a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World® as a rite of passage for their kids. However, the renowned California amusement park wasn’t opened until July 17, 1955—and the Orlando version didn’t exist at all.

3. New States

While the American flag waves proudly in front of most schools and office buildings, for most of the 1950s, it only had 48 stars. Hawaii and Alaska didn’t become part of the country until the end of the decade, in 1959.

4. A Classic Condiment

Today, people consider ranch dressing an essential topping for everything from carrot sticks to chicken wings. However, this iconic condiment served in restaurants and lounges only came to be in 1950, named for its place of production, The Hidden Valley Dude Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

5. Pirate Talk

When you ask a kid to talk like a pirate, they’ll most likely let out a menacing “aaargh” sound. This half-growling noise is, unfortunately, far from authentic—rather, it is based on Disney's portrayal of a pirate from the 1950s movie, Treasure Island.


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