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How to Prevent Fires in the Workplace October 16, 2018

Scarsdale, Westchester
How to Prevent Fires in the Workplace, Scarsdale, New York

From cooking accidents to faulty electrical work, there are many causes of workplace fires in America. And while businesses may take steps to keep their properties safe, nearly 8% of fires in the United States are attributed to those in the workplace. Whether you run a restaurant or oversee an industrial factory, here are a few critical ways you can prevent workplace fires—and how dry ice blasting can help.

How Can You Prevent Workplace Fires?

Ensure Safety Equipment Is Functional

Automated sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers are among the many resources you can use to put out flames. Check this safety equipment regularly to ensure it is properly functional. Make sure emergency tools are easily accessible by all employees and that everyone is trained on how to react to a fire. You should also schedule routine electrical inspections to ensure you’re not at risk for fires caused by faulty wiring.

Keep a Clean Environment

Excess waste and clutter can provide fuel for flames, allowing workplace fires to grow quickly. For this reason, keep your facilities as clean as possible. Employees should be trained on how to dispose of waste properly, where to store flammable materials and chemicals, and how to clean oil and grease from surfaces.

Maintain Equipment

dry ice blastingWhen equipment is not properly maintained, parts become soiled and greasy. These conditions can cause equipment to malfunction, leading parts to experience friction that may spark a fire. If your facility uses heavy or complex industrial machinery, use dry ice blasting for equipment cleaning. Through this method, carbon dioxide pellets are expelled toward surfaces to remove tough build-up—including oil and grease—without damaging the equipment.

How Can Dry Ice Blasting Help if Fire Damage Occurs?

No matter the size of the event, fire, smoke, and soot can quickly damage vital parts of your business. Fortunately, dry ice blasting provides a fast, safe, and effective option for surface restoration. Performed by a specialist, this media blasting service can clear away smoke and soot build-up from equipment and vital surfaces in your workplace. Without causing damage to the underlying substrate, this cleaning method will help restore your property’s look and function, while eliminating lingering smoke odors.


Whether you want to prevent fires through comprehensive equipment cleaning or restore fire damage in the workplace, Dry Ice Blasting of Westchester can help. Offering commercial blasting services throughout the Westchester, NY, area, these specialists will safely restore damaged or dirty surfaces with ease. To learn more about the ways these dry ice blasting services can benefit your business, visit this provider online. For appointments and estimates, call (914) 216-1998.

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