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Why You Should Hire a Process Server October 12, 2018

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Why You Should Hire a Process Server, Honolulu, Hawaii

Process service is a vital step in a legal proceeding. It confirms that a person’s constitutional right to due process is upheld by notifying an individual that a legal issue involves them. A city sheriff will usually act as a messenger, but oftentimes, the process ranks as low priority for their office compared to their other responsibilities. When your case can’t wait for documents to be served in the abyss of a police department, turn to a process server for a multitude of benefits. 

Perks of a Process Server


Waiting on a sheriff to serve the documents to the intended recipient can take time, especially since process serving isn’t their only responsibility. When a court hearing or deposition is drawing near, the delivery of these legal documents punctually is vital to your case. The sole priority of a professional process server is to serve papers, which makes them much quicker on average than a sheriff’s office. 

Knowledge of the Law

process serverProcess servers are well-versed in the laws surrounding this legal right to due process, particularly the Rules of Civil Procedure. They will properly fill out an Affidavit of Service, which confirms that they followed through with the relevant procedure to serve the documents as effectively as they could. Sheriff’s offices are not required to have this in-depth understanding of these laws, putting you at a disadvantage.


Turning to a process server will allow you to serve documents on a local, state, and federal level without any issue. Cases on the federal level are often out of a sheriff’s department’s jurisdiction.


When legal documents are handed off to a sheriff’s office, updates on your case are hard to come by. Local process servers, however, offer secured servers to check in on your documents and whether or not the subject has received them. Any relevant documents are added to your case file here as well. 

Success Rate

When serving papers, there are times when the address is wrong, or the person being served isn’t at home to receive the documents. If a sheriff is on the case, there is less of a chance of follow-up in these instances due to their varied workload. A process server, however, will make multiple attempts to complete the task, even taking time outside of regular business hours and on weekends to get the job done. When dealing with an elusive subject, they will use skip trace tactics—strategies to locate people who have “skipped town”—in order to follow through with delivery. With both persistence and skill, process servers will do everything they can to deliver your legal documents. 

Is your firm or agency having a tough time serving documents through your local sheriff’s office? The team at AAA Legal Process, Inc. takes pride in being the most trusted process servers in Honolulu, HI. With an emphasis on professionalism, reliability, and efficiency, they strive to cater to a client’s needs in a thorough manner. For exceptional legal services, call them today at (808) 734-8344 or visit online for more information.

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