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What Flowers Are Best for a Spring Wedding? November 5, 2018

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What Flowers Are Best for a Spring Wedding? , Lakeville, Connecticut

Even though winter is coming, if you’re getting married in the spring, you’re probably already preparing for your wedding. Select wedding flowers that are both in season and exemplary of spring’s associations with lightness, joy, and rejuvenation. Find a few examples of the perfect spring flowers to include in your flower arrangement below. 

A Guide to Spring Wedding Flowers


Antirrhinum is a genus of plants better known by its common name, snapdragon or dragon flowers (the name comes from the blossoms, which resemble dragon’s snouts when pressed laterally together). Snapdragons, which fare well in the cooler weather of spring and sometimes return in the fall for a second bloom, come in colors both bold and subdued. With their towering structure, snapdragons make a dramatic addition to any bouquet or place setting. 


Lilacs, known for their pleasing aroma, are a classic spring flower. Common lilacs typically bloom for two weeks in late May, but other lilacs bloom earlier and later in the season. While traditional lilacs are purple, they come in a range of seven shades and are thus easily incorporated into your wedding flower arrangements. 

Garden Roses

wedding flowersGarden or vintage roses are a timeless, elegant symbol of romance. With far more petals than the average rose, garden roses are a staple of spring weddings thanks to their warm colors. They also resemble peonies, another wedding favorite, but are less expensive, making them a good option for staying within your budget.


Technically in season all year, carnations are a versatile addition to any spring wedding. Naturally scentless, carnations come in a wide array of colors, from blush pink to green. Along with their popularity for nuptials, carnations are also considered the ideal flower for first wedding anniversaries.  


Tulips bloom with the arrival of spring. Tulips come in several shades from spring pastels to darker hues, making them ideal choices for either your central flower or as an added pop of color to your bouquet. Their unique cup-like shape and long stalk also make them a perfect option for centerpieces. 


If you’re preparing for a wedding in New York or Connecticut, Roaring Oaks Florist is ready to help. For more than 50 years, the skilled artists at this florist have created masterpieces for nuptials in every season. Orders of all sizes receive custom design, attention to detail, and attentive, personalized service. They’ll also deliver wedding flowers or other flower arrangements to locations within the Tri-Corner Area. If you’d like to discuss your wedding flower ideas with a designer today, please call (860) 364-5380. Browse their portfolio online for inspiration. 

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