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5 Common Mattress Types October 30, 2018

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5 Common Mattress Types, Archdale, North Carolina

Your mattress contributes significantly to your quality of sleep, which makes it one of your most important possessions. Old or faulty mattresses with lumps, broken coils, and other problems frequently cause tossing and turning, leaving you groggy and irritable instead of well-rested and healthy. Learn about five of the most common mattress types to help determine how you can improve your life every time you hit the hay.

5 Common Mattress Options to Consider

1. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses support the body with carefully constructed coil systems. Each coil is individually wrapped to sit below a variety of padding materials such as foam.  Coil count count and gauge offer different levels of support.

2. Gel Memory Foam

mattressGel memory foam mattresses feature  dense foam for support, and viscoelastic gel foam on top. They accommodate weight and body temperature to reduce pressure on joints, which helps those with arthritis and similar issues get restful sleep. As comfortable as these mattresses are, their temperature sensitivity with the gel does not build heat.

3. Pillowtop

Pillowtop options are typically innerspring models featuring an additional layer of upholstered cushioning. The cushion is sewn on and made of either foam or soft latex for added softness and comfort without compromising overall support.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid models combine the best of two mattress types—innerspring with layer of support foam. By adding viscoelastic memory foam or soft latex to the top you create a comfortable bedding solution. However, other foam and gel types may also be incorporated.

5. Latex 

These mattresses feature either synthetic or natural rubber to create a firm sleeping option that does not skimp on comfort, especially for those dealing with back pain. Latex accommodates the body much like memory foam but supports rather than conforms.


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