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Frequently Asked Questions About Acne June 11, 2019

Kailua, Koolaupoko
Frequently Asked Questions About Acne, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

According to Healthline.com, approximately 17 million Americans (both kids and adults) suffer from some form of acne. While this condition is common, many people fail to realize that there are different types of acne. Being able to identify these different types is crucial to getting the right acne treatment, and the following information can help you gain a better understanding.

Acne FAQ

What Are the Different Types of Acne?

Most people are familiar with blackheads and whiteheads. Referred to as non-inflammatory acne, they involve clogged pores and are relatively mild. Inflammatory acne includes papules, which are hard red bumps that are sensitive to the touch, as well as pustules, which have a pus-filled center. Cystic acne occurs deep below the skin surface and is often quite painful. This type of acne is also the most likely to cause scarring.  

Why Does Acne Occur?

Pores can become clogged for many different reasons, including hormonal changes, excessive oil production, ingrown hairs, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Despite common misconceptions, acne is not caused by a person’s diet and cannot always be eliminated by excessive face-washing. In some cases, harsh scrubbing of the face can exacerbate symptoms.

What Acne Treatments Are Available?

acne treatmentAcne treatments typically depend on what kind of acne you’re dealing with. Non-inflammatory acne can usually be addressed with over-the-counter treatments like benzoyl peroxide. More serious forms of acne may require medication, such as topical retinoids and antibiotics. Isotretinoin is a common treatment for cystic acne. Because this medication is quite potent, patients must be consistently monitored for health effects while taking it.

Do I Need to See a Dermatologist?

Any person with severe or cystic acne is encouraged to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. Along with providing treatment, a dermatologist can also offer skin care advice, which helps reduce breakouts for some people. There is an emotional component with having acne that causes low self-esteem. Accordingly, finding the right treatment is essential for living your best life.


If you’re in search of a safe and effective acne treatment in Kailua, HI, Kailua Dermatology Associates is here to assist you. Led by Dr. Phillip Hellreich, MD, this clinic can diagnose and treat a myriad of skin conditions in both teens and adults. If you suffer from severe acne, Dr. Hellreich will go over several treatment options to find the ideal solution for you. He can also help people suffering from more serious conditions, such as skin cancers and eczema. Call (808) 261-6133 today to schedule your appointment. If you’d like more information on the type of treatments offered, feel free to visit the website.  

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