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How Often Do You Need a Mammogram? October 17, 2018

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How Often Do You Need a Mammogram?, New Windsor, New York

A mammogram is a diagnostic procedure that makes use of low-dosage X-rays to see inside the breasts. This medical imaging test is integral to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer and improves patient outcomes. For instance, when breast cancer is detected in the earliest stage—stage I—the five-year survival rate is nearly 100%. When detected in the later stage III, this number drops to 72%. Find out how often you should get a mammogram, below. 

Who Needs a Mammogram & When

mammogramWomen ages 40 to 44 can choose to start annual breast cancer screenings with mammograms. From age 45 to 54, women should always schedule an annual screening. After age 55, this can decrease to every two years. This is in addition to doing self-breast exams at home.

These recommendations apply to women in good health with no history of relevant problems. If a close relative of yours, such as a mother or sister, has had breast cancer, your doctor will likely recommend more frequent screening. Depending on the case, screening may also be recommended before age 40.

How a Mammogram Works

It can be reassuring to know what to expect if you’ve never had a mammogram before. The doctor will ask you to take off your top and bra. Your breast will be placed on a metal support plate, while a second plate—called a paddle—is lowered onto the breast, compressing it. A small burst of X-rays is then emitted. This does not hurt.


To schedule a mammogram in New Windsor, NY, contact Hudson Valley Imaging. These diagnostic imaging specialists are recognized as an industry leader thanks to their state-of-the-art procedures. Their board-certified physicians provide everything from ultrasounds to CT scans. Learn more about their digital and 3-D mammography procedures online. For an appointment, call (845) 220-2222. 

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