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4 Tips to Keep Your Property Pest-Free This Fall October 12, 2018

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4 Tips to Keep Your Property Pest-Free This Fall, Dothan, Alabama

As the nights grow longer and the temperatures drop, outdoor pests begin seeking warm places where they can shelter for the winter. Without the proper pest control measures, your home could soon develop an infestation. Ensure your home remains a pest-free zone this season by following these four simple preventative tips.

4 Pest Control Prevention Tips for Fall

1. Seal Cracks

Inspect all the doors and windows in the house. Pinpoint any areas that may contain a small opening or crack, then use caulk to seal them up. Let the caulk dry completely and check around the frames one last time to determine that none were missed. This will make it difficult for critters to find their way in and could deter them from even attempting an entrance.

2. Wipe Counters

While it may not seem like much, taking the time to wipe down your kitchen counters after every use could prevent a pest control issue. These critters are driven by the need to find food during the cold winter months, and any amount of crumbs on the counter can release just enough of a smell to attract them into your home.

3. Distance Firewood

pest controlEven though keeping the firewood close to the house might be convenient, it’s a surefire way to invite pests into the house. These piles of wood can provide the perfect shelter for a crowd of insects and rodents. Your best bet is to stack firewood at least 20 feet from your home to prevent any nuisances from finding their way inside.

4. Install Weather-Stripping

Depending on how high the threshold is, there could be a small opening along the bottom edge of your outside door. Not only could this provide easy access to outdoor pests but also cause the house to lose some of its heat. Having weather-stripping installed before the cold completely sets in is a simple solution to both problems.


Concerned about the possibility of pests in your home this autumn and winter? Reach out to Dothan, Alabama’s licensed exterminators at Tabor Pest Control, and they’ll be happy to perform a detailed inspection. They’ve been providing quality pest control throughout southeast Alabama and southwest Georgia since 1958 and specialize in bedbugs, rodents, fire ants, and more. Using only the latest technologies, they’ll ensure your property is sufficiently pest-free. Learn more about what to expect with their residential pest control services by visiting their website, or call (334) 793-7471 to secure a free estimate.

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