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How to Safely Include Your Dog in Holiday Celebrations October 16, 2018

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How to Safely Include Your Dog in Holiday Celebrations, Ewa, Hawaii

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends and fill your stomachs with the foods of the season. While you may be tempted to sneak a few scraps to your canine companion, proper pet care also involves ensuring they eat a nutritious and balanced diet, which doesn’t include people food! As you prepare your holiday feast this year, keep in mind the following pet care hazards that can occur if you give your dog too much table food.

Why Are Table Scraps Unsafe for Dogs?

It can be tempting to feed your dog when they look up at you with those sweet eyes, but canines don’t have the same digestive systems or nutritional requirements as humans. Oily and fatty foods can cause digestive distress, with symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and even pancreatitis. Dishes like stuffing and mashed potatoes are typically laden with garlic and onion, which can destroy red blood cells and lead to life-threatening anemia.

Although dogs are known to love gnawing on bones, you shouldn’t give your pooch the ones from your meal. They could choke on small pieces or cut their mouths on broken shards.

How Can You Avoid This?

pet careWhen shopping for your holiday meal, pick up some extras for your four-legged friend. Treats filled with lean meats and few preservatives or ice cream designed specifically for your pooch will let you spoil them in a healthy way and include them in the holiday festivities. Remember to practice responsible pet care and provide treats in moderation.


If your pet is feeling unwell after the holidays, bring them to see the professionals at Kapolei Pet Hospital on Oahu, HI. Dr. Yoko Haneda and her team offer comprehensive veterinary services along with specialized services like animal dental care, eye exams, and stem cell therapy. Learn more about this veterinary practice’s services online, and call (808) 462-8040 today to schedule an appointment. Japanese-speaking clients are welcome!

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