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How to Ease Your Pet's Fear of the Veterinarian October 5, 2018

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How to Ease Your Pet's Fear of the Veterinarian, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

When your pet is afraid of the veterinarian, they likely had an unpleasant experience in the past. Loud waiting rooms, an inexperienced staff, or a surprise treatment can all contribute to their unwillingness to cooperate during appointments. If your pet is nervous during their vet exams, there are several things you can do to make them more comfortable.

Methods to Ease Your Pet’s Fear of the Vet

Practice at Home 

VeterinarianSome pets are not used to being touched in sensitive areas like their ears, feet, or face. As a result, they are uneasy when the doctor checks these places for signs of illness. To help them avoid discomfort, try simulating exams at home.

Stroke both sides of their paws, take a look inside their mouth, and gently run your fingers along their belly. The more they engage in these types of experiences in a safe place, the less likely they will be startled at the vet’s office. You can also help desensitize them by scheduling regular grooming appointments. 

Start Right 

If your pet hates car rides, they will be anxious before their appointment starts. To avoid pre-exam distress, normalize transportation. For example, many people take their pets for random, casual drives. Afterward, they give them a treat to reinforce a positive experience.

Visit Often 

The more your pet visits with their veterinarian, the less unfamiliar it will feel. Keep regular checkup appointments and consider stopping in once in a while to say hi. They will become familiar with the physician and smell of the office. 

Provide Support

Stay beside your pet throughout the exam. You can also try giving them a couple of treats. Talk to them in a calm, soothing voice. Your presence will put them at ease. 

Think Outside the Box 

Some cats and dogs are naturally anxious. Talk to your veterinarian about calming medications or natural supplements. You can also ask if your practice takes house calls or will advise you about non-emergency ailments over the phone. 


The best care for your pet is with a team of experienced, compassionate, veterinary professionals that provide a soothing atmosphere. Petplex Animal Hospital of Licking County, OH, serves pets in local communities, including Perry County, Fairfield County, Pickerington, and Lancaster. Their full-service facility provides everything from pet dental services to pet CT scans. To make an appointment with one of their veterinarians, call their office at (740) 929-3300 or visit their website
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