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3 Boat Care Tips for Maintaining Your Vessel October 26, 2018

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3 Boat Care Tips for Maintaining Your Vessel, Vermilion, Ohio

With regular boat care, your boat can provide thousands of memorable fishing trips, tubing adventures, and cruising outings. Knowing how to maintain your vessel from the hull to the cockpit can help extend the life of your boat and keep it ready to use at a moment’s notice. Here are three tips for keeping your watercraft in top shape for years to come.

Boat Care Advice to Keep Your Watercraft in Top Shape

1. Clean It Frequently

boat careIf you leave a boat in the water for months and don’t properly clean it at the end of the season, your boat may develop corrosion, algae buildup, and upholstery staining. It’s easy to avoid these issues by cleaning your boat frequently. Take it fully out of the water several times a year or go to the beach to wash off the hull of seaweed and mineral deposits. Scrub the seating and deck to avoid markings caused by bird droppings or food stains. Wash the entire vessel down with specialty cleaners safe for boats to keep it looking and running great. You can also add or update wax and gel coatings to add shine and waterproofing capabilities.

2. Store It Properly

Boats spend a lot of time in the sun, but they aren’t immune to ultraviolet rays. When storing your vessel, ensure that it is out of the sun (mooring cover in-season, tarp or shrink wrapping for winter storage) to prevent fading, and cover it to protect it from dust. Clean the boat thoroughly to remove any traces of food to avoid critters like mice trying to inhabit the watercraft. Finally, store the boat at a trusted marine supply store and storage facility that offers winterization, shrink wrapping, and dry storage services. 

3. Maintain the Engine

Just like a car, your boat requires regular engine maintenance to run well. From oil changes to propeller checks, take your watercraft to a professional at least once a year for an inspection and maintenance. Your boat care manual will tell you how frequently to get oil changes to ensure the engine runs well for as long as possible.

If you’re in need of watercraft supplies or boat care equipment, head to Harbortown Marine in Erie County, OH. This marine supply store offers the necessary parts to keep your boat motoring, and it carries recreational accessories like beach toys and wakeboards. To learn about their boat winterizing and shrinkwrapping services, call (440) 967-8072 or Visit their website for information on their layup service prices or to sign up for their emails.

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