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How to Manage Dietary Restrictions When Planning Events October 17, 2018

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How to Manage Dietary Restrictions When Planning Events, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Hosting an event takes hours of planning. Throughout the flurry of preparation, don’t forget about dietary restrictions for catering. Your guests will appreciate having delicious options that suit their needs. The following guide will help you take dietary restrictions into account when ordering from a caterer.

What Are the Most Common Dietary Restrictions?

You won’t always have information on all of your guests’ special diets. In these cases, cover the most common dietary restrictions when catering. These restrictions may be due to allergies, religious or moral beliefs, or health concerns. Nuts, glucose, lactose, soy, and shellfish are some of the top allergens. Vegetarians won’t eat meat, and vegans avoid meat and any animal byproducts. Muslim guests may not wish to partake in meals derived from pigs, and you might need kosher options for Jewish guests.

If possible, send out surveys regarding dietary restrictions well before the date of your event. Most guests with special diets will happily provide their information. Nobody wants to be left with an empty plate, after all.

What Types of Foods Should You Put on the Menu?

cateringProvide a variety of beverages for those who don’t drink alcohol or caffeine. Order dishes free of meat and animal products for vegetarians and vegans, such as vegetable trays and vegetarian sushi. Ask your caterer about gluten-free options for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances. Catering services will be open to making a few adjustments to keep guests satisfied.

Once you’ve ordered food in consideration of the basic dietary restrictions, you can fill your catering menu with anything you please. As long as everything is clearly labelled and the major allergens are separated from the rest of the food, you and your guests will be free to enjoy your event to the fullest.


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