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Why You Should Consider an Aluminum Handrail for Your Deck or Patio October 30, 2018

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Why You Should Consider an Aluminum Handrail for Your Deck or Patio, Blairsville, Georgia

If you have a raised deck or patio with only a few stairs, it's likely that your local building code does not require a handrail as it does for an entire flight of steps. However, the extra security such a feature provides could be well worth the installation costs by helping avoid accidents. Below are some of the most important reasons to consider installing an aluminum handrail on your deck.

Why Your Deck Needs an Aluminum Handrail

To Prevent Injuries

Aluminum handrails in Blairsville, GANavigating just two or three steps can be hazardous under the right conditions. If the stairs are slippery with rain, it’s dark, or someone’s in a hurry, they could slip and injure themselves, especially if they land on rocks or concrete. A sturdy, aluminum handrail gives users something to cling to in case they slip or trip.

To Minimize Liability

A handrail protects not just you and your family but also any guests or visitors to your property. If a guest falls while ascending or descending unguarded steps, you could find yourself liable for the cost of their medical treatment. Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers everything, you might face a steep premium rate hike you could have avoided by installing an aluminum handrail.

To Aid Seniors & Toddlers

Small children, seniors, and other adults with mobility issues may have trouble negotiating even a few stairs without some type of support. You can make life much easier and safer for them by adding an aluminum handrail to your deck or patio. It’s an easy and attractive way to attain peace of mind.

The installation of a simple aluminum handrail to the stairs leading off your deck can give you, your family, and your guests additional confidence when using the steps. For expert assistance, contact Backyard Enclosures in Blairsville, GA. This family-operated company has been serving Blue Ridge, Mineral Bluff, Wright Mill, and other communities in and around Union County for more than 30 years. They specialize in carports, sunrooms, and patio enclosures to facilitate outdoor living. Visit their website to message them online or call (706) 379-4127 to speak to a friendly, helpful representative.

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