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3 Solutions for a Leaky Toilet Base November 8, 2018

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3 Solutions for a Leaky Toilet Base, New Britain, Connecticut

Of all the plumbing challenges homeowners face, leaky toilets are especially worrisome since they can cause floor damage and even subfloor rot if left unattended. Not to worry: with the right information and professional help, a leaky toilet doesn’t have to be a hopeless headache. Learn what causes toilet leaks so you can determine whether you need to call a plumber. 

3 Causes & Plumbing Fixes for a Leaky Toilet Base

1. Condensation

The presence of moisture around the base of your toilet could be nothing more than the natural process of condensation, which often occurs in hot and humid environments. If the air inside a house is warmer than the toilet’s interior, moisture in the hot air condenses, or forms water droplets, on the cool exterior of the plumbing fixture. The droplets then fall to the floor, creating a pool of water around the base. As a temporary solution, you can prevent water damage by putting a tray at the base of your toilet to catch the droplets. For a more permanent fix, contact a professional plumber to install an Anti-Sweat valve, add insulation to keep the water in the tank warm, or replace the toilet with a low-flow model that will reduce tank sweat.  

2. Broken Wax Ring

plumbingMuch like weatherstripping around doors and windows, wax connects the base of your toilet to the floor to create an airtight seal. If this wax ring is cracked or otherwise damaged, it could allow water to seep out from inside your toilet. A plumbing contractor should be able to replace this piece. 

3. Cracked Toilet Bowl

A host of factors, including manufacturing problems, a buildup of pressure, and simple age, can cause cracks in your toilet bowl. Cracks are especially tricky because they aren’t always visible, making it hard to identify the source of the leak. Continued use only worsens the problem, and cracked toilets can’t be repaired, so it’s best to contact a plumber immediately for a replacement. 


If you believe your leaky toilet needs a professional opinion, get in touch with the skilled contractors at Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating of New Britain, CT, and the surrounding areas. This expert Hartford County team has been solving heating and plumbing-related issues for four generations. For more information on their trusted services, visit the website. You can also call them at (860) 223-8569 to schedule an appointment.

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