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How to Limit Wind Damage to Your Trees October 26, 2018

Lilburn, Gwinnett
How to Limit Wind Damage to Your Trees, Lilburn, Georgia

High winds and heavy storms can damage your trees, bringing limbs down or even uprooting the entire structure. Regular tree service can prevent this and limit the damage caused by torrential downpours and gale-force winds. Below are some key steps you can take to protect your trees from the elements.

How to Protect Your Trees From Storm & Wind Damage

Proper Watering & Soil Conditioning

The roots must be large enough and deep enough to properly anchor a tree against storm conditions. Too much watering can wash away the soil and expose the roots. Worse, constant saturation can result in root rot. Either condition leaves the tree at risk.

On the other hand, too little deep watering can result in roots that stay on the surface and provide inadequate resistance against wind. An experienced tree service technician can inspect the environment and ensure that both the plant and the soil receive the right amount of moisture.

Effective Tree Pruning

tree serviceWhen a tree is exceptionally top-heavy, it can cause problems that lead to serious damage. For instance, if the canopy is too large, too elevated, or too out of balance for the trunk to support, high winds can split the trunk and topple it over. At least half the foliage should be in the lower two-thirds of the tree—including the trunk—and the lowest branch should be no more than one-third of the way up the tree's length.

Also, in trees that are not pruned enough, the canopy can catch the wind like a sail. This can be dangerous, so foliage that is exceptionally lush may need to be thinned out to allow safe passage of the wind. On the other hand, too much pruning can slow root growth and lead to instability. Tree experts know the right balance.


Regular tree service can help you avoid serious storm damage by keeping the branches properly pruned and the soil watered sufficiently. For expert, reliable tree care, contact Casey Tree Experts in Lilburn, GA. They've been serving Gwinnett County since 1970 and offer 24/7 emergency tree service, stump removal, tree pruning, and mulching. To get in touch, visit their website and submit a message or call (770) 498-7000 to discuss your situation with a certified arborist.