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3 Ways to Boost Your Student's Reading Comprehension October 10, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Ways to Boost Your Student's Reading Comprehension, Queens, New York

Although your child might be able to read words on a page without difficulty, they might struggle to understand the meaning. When a child can’t process information, it can lead to poor grades and falling behind in class. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to improve your youngster’s reading comprehension

3 Strategies to Boost Reading Comprehension

1. Explain How Paragraphs Are Structured

When a child reads passages in a book or text for homework assignments, all the words might become jumbled together in their brain. Providing a road map of how to process the information could make it easier for them to comprehend. Try dissecting a paragraph into parts to explain how writing is typically organized. You can highlight that the first few sentences contain the main point or goal of the text, while the middle section provides further explanation, and the concluding sentence summarizes what’s been read. 

2. Teach How to Pinpoint Main Ideas

Forest-Hills-New-York-reading-comprehensionWhen reading textbooks in school, students are expected to extract information to discuss points with the class or be tested on what they’ve learned. If your child has issues with reading comprehension, it could be difficult to identify the important information. Look at their school books to see how information is organized. From there, you can help the child understand what information is anecdotal and what facts support the main idea of a section or chapter. 

3. Clarify How to Summarize What’s Read

Learning how to whittle down dense text into a short summary will make it easier for your child to grasp and remember what they’ve read. To practice, read a chapter from one of their textbooks and summarize the information in your head. Next, have the youngster read the same materials. After they are done reading, ask them to explain what they’ve read. Because you are familiar with the same text, you can determine whether they have retained the key points.


If your child needs additional help with reading comprehension, the educators at JEI Learning Center Forest Hills will address their needs. The literature-based programs are designed to improve the reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills of kids throughout the New York Metropolitan area. To learn more about early childhood education programs in Queens’ Forest Hills neighborhood, call (718) 268-2890, or visit the learning center online for details.

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